Hong Kong International School

After their visit at the orphanage the students headed to the CPDC, where they where warmly welcomed by the CPDC staff. Over there they had the chance to refresh themselves with a cup of water before the guided tour around the compound started. The group was very impressed especially by the education centre and the mushroom farm. Then the time for question had come as students and teachers were very interested in our ideas and aims.
However the best part of the visit was the moment the children came back from school. The group of the Hong Kong International School enjoyed playing different kind of ballgames with our children, such as basketball, football and monkey in the middle.
Unfortunately time went by very fast at the students had to leave our centre to go back to the Redemptorist’s Centre, where they are staying.
In the name of the staff of CPDC and HHNFT we want to thank these young people for joining our daily life for a while, for showing great interest and of course for playing with our children as well as making them enjoy their life.