Young people interested in HHNFT

On Saturday, the 3rd of March 2012, representatives of HHNFT set out to spread the ideas of HHNFT and get into contact with young people. The occasion for this was given with the ServICE Conference 2012 taking place on the compound of the NIST in Bangkok. As one part of it there was an NGO fair with the aim of informing young people about how to get active in a social or environmental project. Hence, the HHNFT team informed about the work of our organization and provided the students with information about volunteering and activity day with the children and similar possibilities.
We are happy to enunciate that many of the attending about 140 students showed great interest and sympathy. It is great for us to know that there are many young people who are ready to help continue the work of HHNFT. Thank you very much for this affirmation of our ideas.