US Marine volunteers at CPDC

Starting their daytrip at the harbor of Laemchabang, the group arrived at CPDC in the morning. They were taken around to have a look at the compound and to get an impression of the center. However, instead of waiting they were keen on getting active. One group was adjusting the land to make it ready for being used by the children for planting. The other group cleaned the water storage, so the water can now be purified and used as drinking water. After their hard work under the sun they could relax a bit and take a cool shower before having lunch with the children.
Everybody being served with food they prayed together to thank for what has been given to them. Lunch was followed by a performance of the US Marine showing the children some of their drills and singing the Marine’s hymn. The group also enjoyed singing “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” together with the children and playing some games such as arm wrestling with them.
Before their departure the hard working group left some souvenirs with the director of the CPDC, so they, their kind help and this great day will always be remembered. Moreover they also bought some handicrafts made by the children and thus gave further support to the center.
We would like to thank the whole group for sharing their time, their power and their love with our children. Special thanks go to Khun Hamilton, chaplain of the group, and Khun Peter for organizing this very special day.