Well known hotels accepted Pattaya Orphanages children for training

The children between 18 and 23 years wanted to gain some work experience and learn how to earn pocket money for themselves. Therefore they looked for a job during the long summer holidays. Na, Ming, Oh and Wit were accepted by the Thai Garden Resort and Tonut Thongdee by the Diana Garden Resort.
This Saturday they wanted to say thank you for having such a great possibility, for being treated as a real member of the staff and for everything they learned during that time.
Additionally to their kind and thankful words they gave flowers to the GM and the Hotel Manager of the hotels –Rene Pisters and Danilo Becker of the Thai Garden Resort- and to their supervisors at their work place. The children also gave a present to the owner of the Thai Garden Resort Gerrit Niehaus and to his wife to thank them for their constant support towards the orphanage. Tonut Thongdee thanked the GM of the Diana Garden Resort in the same way.
The Pattaya Orphanage is glad that the young adults had the chance to work in such well known hotels as they taught them how to perform good hospitality and experience working in a society outside the Orphanage. The experiences they gained certainly will give them better chances in their future. In the name of the young adults we want to express our sincerely thanks to all the people that made this holiday job possible and made our children having a great time.