13 German children and their summer fairy tale 2011

Last year a group of young football players of the Pattaya Orphanage had the chance to visit Germany and enjoy their holidays there. Now the time had come to answer the visit. Therefore, a group of children living in socially difficult circumstances started its journey at the 27th of October. During the whole visit they were accompanied by the HHNFT-team and we are very happy that we could help with the organization.The patron of this initiative is the successful German football manager Reiner Calmund. The team was housed at the Thai Garden Resort, the owner of which, Gerrit Niehaus, had proven his generosity by sponsoring the whole logging.  Thanks to him again, the children also had the possibility to spend some time on his sailing yacht and enjoy the sea. Further examples of the activities are the visits of the “Flight of the Gibbon”-high ropes course and of the Big Buddha statue. However, the main focus was – as mentioned – the exchange with the children from the HHNFT-projects in Thailand. Hence, the group visited the CPDC on Monday, the 31st of October, and had a look at the facilities, especially at the sleeping rooms of the children.
At this occasion the German visitors also handed out the money they had collected by playing football; it allows to buy Christmas presents for all the children in the CPDC.  Afterwards, the children had time to play together which of course ended up in playing football. What is more, the whole weekend was determined by the exchange with the children from the Pattaya Orphanage. On Saturday, the children who had visited Germany last year went to the Thai Garden Resort to join the German team for a pool party. This day will remain in the memories of everybody not only because of the great food, but most of all because of the huge fun while playing in the water. Eventually, on Sunday, the final day of the exciting journey, a football game took place between the team of the Pattaya Orphanage and the German group. After this amicable competition everybody came together for a nice farewell dinner. Thus a trip ended which offered both, great fun and rich experiences, and which will not fall into oblivion.
In the name of all participants we want to express our gratefulness towards everybody who made this little summer fairy tale possible. Special thanks go to Reiner Calmund and Gerrit Niehaus.