Alangkarn Theater hosts charity show to the benefit of the Pattaya Orphanage

What is more, this event organised by the charity organisation “Human Help Network Foundation Thailand” had a specific purpose since all the revenues go to the education fund of the Pattaya Orphanage. But the concert did not only promote the children’s welfare concerning financial issues but additionally, believe it or not, 1050 children from 13 different projects could enjoy this unique day together with 1000 other guests.  This was rendered possible by the contributions of numerous benefactors. Here, especially the owner of the Alangkarn Theatre, Khun Boy, excelled: He provided his theatre including all the facilities for free and moreover he sponsored lunch for all the children – as a cherry on the cake they savoured burgers, French fries and fried rice of McDonalds. Afterwards everybody – among which was the representative of the minister of culture as guest of honour -enjoyed the show itself.  But not only professional actors proved their skills but 35 children from the PO performed a traditional Thai dance as well. Thus they could actively contribute to this special day. Following this nice introduction Gadä and Gadai elated everybody with a groovy act whereupon the star of the evening entered the stage: Khun Eid. Together with his group consisting of humorous musicians and dancers as well as the musical comedians Lala and Lulu he made the audience laugh non-stop. Therefore everybody was very exalted afterwards and not even the following rain could cloud the atmosphere. Thus a successful day drew to a close which brought pleasure as well as it was charitable.