US Navy visites the Pattaya Orphanage

After having arrived they were introduced into the Orphanage-life by means of a short movie.
Afterwards they were divided into two groups each consisting of about 15-20 people. Initially, one joined the children of the school for the deaf playing in the recently built motivation room, while the other group spent time in the Babyroom.
Later, they changed. Thus the soldiers proved impressively that they do not only know to ensure security but that they also can deal with children and babies with ease. Those enjoyed the visit of the exciting guests and played enthusisticly.
Before leaving the group was also shown around thus getting an impression of the work at the Pattaya Orphanage. The initial idea of this great visit had the President of the Siam Council in Thailand of the Navy League of the United States, Peter Thorand. In the name of everybody we want to say thank you for this nice visit and invite to join us again.