“A truly wonderful week with the Children” – International Students visit CPDC

After a brief orientation lecture they got to know the children. In the days that followed they spent time helping around the center in various ways including farm work and cooking. When the children came back from school every afternoon they played with them or just spent time with them. It’s very important that the children here learn how to be comfortable around new people.
The students took turns visiting and working at local temples, in this way they were able to gain an appreciation of an aspect of Thai culture that is often missed by people visiting this country. They also visited other nearby projects such as the Fountain of Life Children’s Center and the Pattaya Orphanage.
Everybody here at the HHN Foundation Thailand would like to thank the students of the United World College Hong Kong for all the hard work they put in and all the time they spent with the children under the care of the CPDC.