Welcoming special guests from the Netherlands and Germany at CPDC

Awaiting for her arrival are 10 Dutch ladies group leads by President of P.I.L.C., Mrs. Anja Schoof, Dr. & Mrs. Henk Dijkstra, Ms. Elfi Seitz and the German great benefactor who donated for 3 houses at CPDC, Mr. Hans Müller.
After receiving warm welcome and a short briefing of over all work during the past year from Director of HHNFT, Mrs. Braze kindly donates 50.000 Baht to benefit the children sustainable education. She feels it is great important these children learn additional skills which may suit each of them in addition from normal academic.
Mrs. Braze spends some time with children and held a short speech. She emphasized the importance of education and encouraged the children to believe in their dreams and always give their best. Moreover each child received a nice little bag with books, notebooks as well as a pen, all come in beautiful bright orange colour which represents Holland. The children spent their afternoon looking at picture books, writing, drawing and reading happily.
Mrs. Braze took her time taking a look around CPDC with accompanied of all Dutch ladies and gentleman. They visit the farm, had a look at one of the dormitory houses and the dining area. She was impressed withthe fast development and work done at CPDC.