A Morning with our Friends from Lufthansa

Mrs. Radchada Chomjinda greeted our 90 guests from Lufthansa’s Global Business Service as they arrived in two buses bright and early on Saturday morning. After a hearty welcome from all at CPDC and hearing a little about the HHNFT’s current projects, the Lufthansa staff dispersed into groups to enjoy different activities with our children.
One group participated in handicrafts, making beautiful bracelets and necklaces with crystals and flowers, while a second group went to the library and read the children some exciting stories. Another group worked helped a group of children paint a mural of a huge airplane on our Benefactors Wall, while others joined another group to do some work on our farming project by picking mushrooms and planting vegetables.
The largest group joined together for some games of table tennis, badminton and volleyball. As the midday sun can be hot, we had two shady tents set up in front of the Education Centre which the children had decorated with paper planes in honor of our guests.
We all enjoyed a beautiful meal prepared by our guests and staff, which included tempura mushrooms, fish balls, French fries, fried rice, coconut cakes and fresh local fruits.
Everyone had a lots of fun getting to know each other and we sincerely thank the Lufthansa Help Alliance, not only for spending such a nice morning with our children, but also for their continued support and for the unexpected and most appreciated generous donation of 50,000 Baht, which will go a long way towards supporting the children’s education fund.
We look forward Lufthansa’s next visit so we can beat them at table tennis!