A Lovely Surprise for the Children of the CPDC

The Morells began their visit with a guided walk around the compound to stretch their legs, taking a look at the buildings and our farming area.  They were very interested to learn about our project and our goals in helping the children to develop into self-supporting adults.  After our walk there was a special surprise for everyone, as Mr and Mrs Morell  gifted the children with original jerseys from the top English football clubs including Manchester United, Wolverhampton, The Wanderers, Shrewsbury Town and the National Team.
The  Morells were touched and surprised by the reaction to their gifts, with the  delighted children trying the jerseys on immediately.  After all this unexpected excitement the children shared a lovely evening meal in our dining room with their generous guests.
We all had a wonderful day and would like to take this opportunity of sincerely thanking Mr. and Mrs  Morell for taking the time to visit us at CPDC, as well as thanking them most sincerely for the unexpected gifts, as well as their generous financial support which will go a long way in helping us in our continuing work.