A Fun Day with the Thai-Chinese International School

At two o’clock in the afternoon the excited group of students and their teachers met our children for the first time.
After a few hearty welcoming words, the students seized the initiative and divided our children up in two groups.
In the beginning, the boys enjoyed playing football together.
In the meantime, we girls from the Thai-Chinese International School had prepared different little games which they played together with our girls from CPDC. That’s how many girls ended up trying to stand on a multiply folded newspaper, because one game was about who could be the last person standing on the smallest piece of paper.
Happy but exhausted our children needed some minutes to take a breath. Again, the students of the Thai-Chinese International School were perfectly prepared for a moment like this. Some students took guitars and a microphone and performed several songs while others walked through the cheerful group of our children to offer sweets, crisps and drinks.
With a restfully entertainment like this, our children recovered quickly to be ready for another round of funny games. For one competition the children and our guests formed four teams which had to cope with an obstacle course including difficult tasks like spinning a hula hoop 15 times, carrying a ball three times around one leg and doing five jumping jacks.
Eventually our children and our guests had to say goodbye, but not before the students of the Thai-Chinese International School performed one last song to say goodbye.
We would like to thank the Thai-Chinese International School for organizing this joyful afternoon with great games and music for our children at CPDC.