The US Navy’s Joyful Visit

In the beginning, a guided walk over the compound gave us a good opportunity to show the CPDC’s progress in becoming self-sustainable to the US Navy. Some of our projects such as our farming projects has been built up and supported by other groups of the US Navy during previous visits.
But since the last visit of the US Navy was not all that long ago, there was no need for our guests to do any construction work this time. Instead they had the time to spend a fun day together with our children.
The morning offered enough enjoyable hours to play plenty of games. Of course the boys could not miss the chance to play a great match of football while others played little games with balloons and improved their hula hoop skills.
Our staff at CPDC put on some music and we could play ‘who can be the last one standing on the smallest piece of paper?’ Therefore, our children and our guest formed small teams which were dancing and walking around newspapers until the music stopped. In the moment the music went quiet, everyone tried to find a way to stand on a piece of paper. In the end of every round the newspaper was folded so that the three members of a team had to stick closely together and to prove real teamwork.
Happy but exhausted everyone was treated with a lovely lunch and lots of cold water.
We sincerely thank the US Navy for being our ever-welcome guest and for spending once again a very joyful day with our children.