Austrian Honorary Consuls' suprise for CPDC in the Christmas period

Our CPDC children, the staff and volunteers , Khun Toy and even Mrs Elfi Seitz and her team from „Pattaya Blatt” welcomed Mr Hofer, when he arrived in the early moring.
After a few photos were taken, Mr Hofer gave the envelope with 50,000 Baht from his own property  to Khun Toy. Everyone was overwhelmed by this huge amount of money.
Mrs Elfi Seitz took advantage of the moment to have a little interview with Khun Toy and Mr Hofer.
Traditionally, he said,  he takes all the CPDC children for lunch, but this year, he decided together with Khun Toy that money may help the children in a more sustainably way. Khun Toy agreed and told that HHNFT will use this money to replace the old washing machines at CPDC into brand-new ones.
And then she added:
“Thank you so much Mr Hofer, this is our first Christmas gift in 2014”.