First Christmas Presents for the CPDC

For this special occasion, the 80 children from the Sanuk Daycare Center visited the CPDC and welcomed with our youngest children the special guests.
Khun Toy gave a hearty welcoming speech followed by the Austrian Ambassador who found warm words to thank the CPDC for inviting him and his wife.
Two girls from CPDC were beautifully dressed in traditional Thai dresses and entertained the Consul, the Ambassador and his wife.
In the meantime, the staff from the CPDC handed out McDonalds chicken burger for the children.
Besides, we had prepared little Christmas bags for our children from CPDC and the Sanuk Daycare Center.
But these bags were not the only surprises for the children. Our guest, the Ambassador himself, had prepared many presents for the children.
Our children from CPDC and our friends from the Sanuk Daycare Center were overjoyed with their new toys.
In the end, the snack buffet was opened and everyone could enjoy some freshly made French Fries and delicious coconut cakes.
We would like to sincerely thank the Austrian Honorary Consul Rudolf Hofer, the Austrian Ambassador Enno Drofenik, his wife and the Austrian politician for spending some of their time with our children and for the generous donation of Christmas presents.