Hello Cissah!

She has started to work with us more than one month ago and has already become a valuable part of our team.
Before joining HHNFT, she has been managing the private clinic of “Dr. Belen Medical Clinic” owned by her aunt Dr. Belen Phangmuangdee.
In fact, her aunt was also the reason why Cissah has now started to work with HHNFT. It all begun with Cissah’s aunt and Khun Radchada Chomjinda (Toy) being close friends. That’s why Cissah’s aunt used to visit her every now and then at the Pattaya Orphanage and one day, Cissah accompanied her, thus got in touch with Khun Radchada Chomjinda, director of HHNFT.
After getting to know about HHNFT’s projects in the fight against child abuse, trafficking and exploitation, Cissah could not stop thinking about all the children who are being neglected, abused and helpless. So she decided to support HHNFT in order to to help those children in need.
Now, Cissah takes care of the case history reports of our children in CPDC. In addition, she is the new Volunteer Coordinator meaning she is helps our volunteers e.g. by giving them advice and discussing new tasks. Besides, she takes care of any work that might come up and where she can be helpful.
We are very glad of these additional helping hands and would like to officially welcome Cissah to HHNFT.