Y.W.C.A. Scholarship Awards at Diana Garden Resort

Some of them can continue their studies at school now, others can even go to university with the help of different organizations such as Human Help Network Foundation Thailand. The NGO achieves annually, that 15 students are supported during the following 10 years.
The handover was arranged wonderfully, opening with traditional Thai dances. Additionally, several speeches were held by the Y.W.C.A. Bangkok-Pattaya President Khun Praichit Jetapai, theFounder President of the Scholarship Khun Sopin Theppajak, who also is an HHNFT Board Member, and the Chairman of the ceremony Mr. Rattanachai Suthidechanai. He is the Pattaya Council in charge of Tourism. We express our heartfelt thanks to the generous scholarship sponsors.
After that, the students received their life-changing awards, which help them to achieve their dreams.
We are happy, that we can take part in this scholarship since our establishment and work closely together with Y.W.C.A. to help poor students, women in need and single mothers.