Fun day at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club

In the morning of that day, Seb Sukontotok, the assistant general manager of the Yacht Club explained to us, how the activities were organized. Seven teams were made, which always did one activity for half an hour. After three phases, a delicious lunch was prepared for everybody who joined the day. The activities included football, sailing, volleyball, swimming, T-Ball, puzzles and badminton, so there was a great variety for everyone.
The good thing was, that everything was planned, just to have fun, so there was no competition. When playing football, the children of course tried to score a goal, but fun was the most important thing.
Most of the children had never heard of T-Ball, so they had to learn it from the beginning, but they did a really good job in throwing the ball far with the racket, which the other team had to collect and bring back to the group.
The Royal Varuna Yacht Club dispose of a giant swimming pool, which they gave free to be used by the children who had a lot of fun in jumping in it several times and dive through it.
A special activity, of course, was the sailing as many of the children have never done this before. There were always three to five children with one sailor on a boat, which raced over the waves. The water splashed over them so that they were completely drenched but nobody cared about it, as the experience was so much fun and let forget everything else.
After all the activities, the Club even gave the children a small bag with sweets and pencils to take home.
Thank you a lot for planning and realizing this day for the children who all had a lot of “sanug” and will remember that day with a big smile on their face. We are very grateful for that and want to show our thankfulness to the Royal Varuna Yacht Club.