Visitors from Chonburi Hospital come to CPDC

Our team showed the group the different houses in which the children live with their carer. The dining hall was visited as well and the little garden impressed them a lot as little fruits and vegetables could already be seen. Another highlight was the media room, in which a group of children were preparing a song and showed it to the members of the Hospital.
After the tour, Khun Toy explained the work of the team in the CPDC and how a new arrival of a child proceeds. Some of the children, of course, have some problems in adjusting to their new environment. In our meeting, we discussed how we can cope with such situations to help the children. The doctors promised us to always be helpful when children get sick and even offer a course, how to treat them. Thank you very much for your kindness!
The whole visit was planned, as the Chonburi Hospital and HHNFT already work closely together. The doctors were glad to see by themselves, that the children live happily in the CPDC and are treated very well. Thank you a lot for our cooperation so far and we hope that it will last many more years. Furthermore we would like to thank you, that you took your time, to visit the CPDC.