Amazing Charity Concert at the Alangkarn Theatre

Families, friends, tourists, benefactors of HHNFT and even a German princess came to see the presentations. Journalists of different newspapers were present as well and of course the children of the CPDC, the Pattaya Orphanage and the Phim Day-Care-Center. They were very excited as they were performing on the stage as well.
Before everybody went into the hall of the huge theatre, the VIP guests got a beautiful flower pinned on their clothes, so they could have a seat on places with the best view on the stage. Furthermore, the guests could get some food and drink before the Show started. In this time, the children of the CPDC had their special moments, as it was their turn to dance and sing in front of the great audience. In their lovely costumes, they did a really good job. For one song, it was even the premiere of showing it to the public.
When everyone was seated in the Alangkarn Theatre, the gorgeous Show could start. At first, a video about the Pattaya Orphanage was shown to let the audience know, what will happen with the money, they donate by joining the Show. Afterwards, the Alangkarn Theatre was so kind to let their artists demonstrate an incredible mixture of traditional and modern dance. Following, Father Michael went on the stage to thank all the benefactors, who made the Concert possible and support the Orphanage. Thereafter, children of the Pattaya Orphanage showed in a traditional dance, how to do Som Tam. The huge amount of people watching, did not confuse them, but they mastered the dance very well.
Before the famous Rock band started to play, Father Michael handed over a small gift to the owner of the Alangkarn Theatre since he gave us the Theatre for free for that afternoon and to Carabao, as they also did not earn any money by playing on the stage there but gave the money to the “Education Fund”. Thank you very, very much for this kindness!
As the first sound of the Thai band filled the hall, everybody was very excited. People stood up to dance and sang together. Also the children of the CPDC and the Day-Care-Center could not sit any longer.
We hope, that everybody enjoyed the Concert as much as we did and want to thank all of you, who came from our heart, that you took part. Especially we want to thank the benefactors, the Alangkarn Theatre and Carabao, without who the Event would not have been possible to realize.