Special visit at the CPDC

At first we had a warm welcome with all the children and teachers. The girls showed a traditional Thai dance to her, which was really pretty and well prepared. After this delicate dance, the younger boys and girls were showing their amazing and entertaining performance.
Following, Khun Toy welcomed our special guest with some warm words and also Sonja Gebauer spoke to the kids. She brought really nice presents for all the children, which was a great gesture of her. Thank you very much!
Moreover, we had the chance to show her our work in the CPDC and the Mobile Training Unit with a tour through the compound of the CPDC. It was very pleasant for all of us because she was really interested in our work and we could even show her the vegetable farm and the mushroom farm of the CPDC.
Furthermore she gave us the possibility to show her our latest little project: the Phim-Day-Care-Center. It is near a very big construction camp with many children. With this Day-Care-Center the children, who come there, get the possibility to learn something and get a meal for lunch. The children were all very excited about the special visit and proudly showed their folders containing their well-done exercises to Sonja Gebauer.
All in all we had a very special morning with Sonja Gebauer and we are very grateful for the interest in our work and her time for us. Of course we are hoping for further cooperation with the German Embassy in Bangkok and we are very grateful for all the support they already gave to us!
Thank you so much!