Special lunch with Khun Sorasith and his friends at CPDC

He brought 11 of his friends from Bangkok and Singburi to the Child Protection and Development Center, showed them around and everyone celebrated the birthday of Khun Vacharawan Kumpiranodh who was hosting a very special lunch for all the children. It was a very harmonic and warm atmosphere with all the delicious food and also because of the great dance and the songs which were performed very well by some of the children.
On this special occasion, Khun Sorasith gave certificates and a present to the children who had performed outstanding achievements, like being very good in sports or giving a mobile phone back to the owner. This is supposed to help motivating the children for doing good and being helpful.
In this way they can be great examples for other children.
Each of our lovely guests also gave a kindest donation to the CPDC. Deep thanks from all of us to our generous donors.
It was a very nice lunch with a lot of delicious food for everyone and all the children had a lot of fun!