CPDC at Pattaya Color Run 2016

Firstly everyone received a T-Shirt and colors. After taking a group picture, the color throwing and the fun began.
Everyone had to run 2 km and during the run you could throw with the colors and there were also different points where the colors were thrown at the runners.
After reaching the finish everyone threw even more with the colors and this was such an unforgettable, colorful and great fun for everyone. After this color fights every single person was covered with colors and the laughter and amusement in the children´s faces were marvelous.
Apart from many children a lot of foreign tourists, residents and prominent figures attended this famous event. Our children enjoy and gain self confidence in standard competitions bearing in mind winning is not all, but being a part of it is more important as this is for the City and not just for oneself.
We are truly grateful to Rotary Jomtien and PILC for allowing 46 children from the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC), plus 20 teachers and volunteers to join the run. This is the greatest way to show our children that they are a part of the society.