HHNFT at the Global Child Forum

On this special event, almost 20 significant people talked and gave insight about their amazing experiences and visions to the audience. Especially impressive were the speeches of Her Excellency Minister of Women, Family and Community Development and the Director of the Thaipat Institute. Furthermore the honored members of the National Legislative Assembly gave great input for the Action Plan. Moreover, Khun Toy was extraordinarily lucky to meet so many kind people from UNICEF, the Swedish Embassy and the writer of the ChildSafe movement.
Bringing back with her the remark: “Stop being a messenger boy, start being a delivery boy.” and the 4 DOs (DO well, DO good, DO together and DO more) by the CEO of the ASEAN CSR Network, Mr Thomas Thomas, Khun Toy is very thankful to have had the opportunity to join the Global Child Forum.