U.S. Army ROTC Cadets help HHNFT

In the evening of the 5th of June the students came to the CPDC to have dinner together with the children on the sports field under the big roof. These danced and sang for them, even though the weather changed and heavy rain began to fall, accompanied with a high wind. Very tough, they performed while everyone else was trying to hide from the rain which entered through the sides.
Despite the bad weather everyone had an amazing evening and maybe also because of it, there was a wonderful feeling of belonging together.
The next days started early for everyone, as there was a lot to do.
Four students came to the Drop-In Center to help Khun Phim to teach the migrant children. The children were divided into groups according to their age, so the students could do activities, which were suitable for them. After lunch, the smaller children prepared to have a nap while the older ones danced together with the students. Everybody had a lot of fun at that day, which was rich in variety.
The 31 other students and chaperons came to the CPDC at 9 o’clock to do some agriculture work. At first we gave them a small tour on the grounds of the CPDC. We showed them the different facilities and they had the possibility to look into one of the children’s houses. Afterwards we divided them into two big groups. One group was responsible for digging out the trees at the front of the CPDC. The other group was in charge of digging new holes in the back of the CPCD on the farm to put the unearthed trees into. After lunch, even more digging and some well-deserved water breaks in the shade, they had managed to replant four big trees. Another 4 trees were planned to be left for replanting the next day.
Later the children were picked up from school between four and five, so they also had the possibility to spend some time and play with the children.
The last day, a few other students came to the Drop-In Center to help and have fun with the children, while the rest did the agriculture work in the CPDC and also painted one of the walls surrounding the grounds of the CPDC. On the end of the second day we bid farewell to the army students, after another exhausting day of work. At 5:30 pm they were collected at the CPDC to go to the Dusit-Camp, one of the construction sites, where some of the children from the Day-Care-Center come from.
We want to express our heartfelt thanks to every single student, as they had worked very hard for our organization and the children. Doing this, they were a great support, which we really appreciate.