Delegation of Lufthansa Singapore visits HHNFT

At first they visited our Child Protection and Development Center to take a look at the whole compound, which has developed very quick, in the last years. But the most outstanding of this visit was that the entire group helped very energetic to renovate the front walls of the CPDC. They helped to give the final touch to these walls with a yellow upper border. Thank you for your great help and effort you put in. After the work, they had a delicious lunch with some of the children from the Child Protection and Development Center.
Next the delegation followed our invitation to take a look at the new Drop-in Center. While the younger children were taking their nap, the Lufthansa Delegation was able to do some activities and play with the older ones. At first they did some games with the whole group, including a little bit of dancing, which brought a lot of fun and joy to the children. After the game session they sat down to do some crafting. The visitors created some beautiful paper dolls together with the children.
As a happy ending of the activities the Lufthansa Delegation had a generous donation for the migrant children. Every child got either a cool soccer shirt or another colorful piece of cloth. They even brought some Lego toys and balls for the boys and some hair accessories for the girls.
Due to their new gifts the children went to the truck with a happy smile on their face. The truck brings them to the Drop-in Center every morning and back to the camps in the afternoons. Our visitors accompanied the truck with the migrant children back to their homes at the construction sites. That gave them the chance to see how the children live. After this successful and eventful day they could say their dearest good byes to the children.
We are very grateful for this day with you, which we hope you enjoyed as much as we did. Thank you, Lufthansa, for the great-continued support. Without you we would not have come this far.