U.S. Army ROTC Cadets support HHNFT

Once again the students were divided in two groups during their three days of supporting the CPDC in their farming work and doing activities at the Day-Care Center.
One group was placed at the Drop-In Center and was helping to take care of the 70 migrant children who are coming to the Center every day to be educated. These visits were very special to the kids because they always had a lot of fun during the different activities like dancing, playing, teaching and drawing.
At lunchtime they even assisted to have the plate with food prepared for every child and as a result everyone could enjoy a lovely meal together.
Meanwhile the other group was working at our Child Protection and Development Center. The cadets were continuing the work of their predecessors and moved 12 trees in only two days. They accomplished to do an impressing amount of work, leaving the teachers and staff at the CPDC speechless as they watched the cadets working.
During the three days of their visit they also exchanged their placement at the two locations, so everyone had the chance to spend half a day entertaining and playing with the migrant children at the Day-Care Center.
All in all it was, once again, a very pleasant visit and especially help of the ROTC cadets for HHNFT. Thank you very much for this unconditional effort in both locations, the CPDC and the Drop-In Center. The whole organization will keep you in mind and is looking forward to further visits