CPDC children at the´Study Plus Crossword International Youth 2016` competition in Bangkok

In the evening of last friday, two small buses left the CPDC heading to Bangkok, full with motivated and talented children wanting to show their skills at an international competition in Bangkok.
After the first night in a temple close to the Central Plaza, where the students slept for free due to the generosity of the monks, the first competitions started at 8:45 in the morning. At 5 o´clock in the evening, all of the students had at least done 3 games of Sudoku, Crossword or A-Math (a mathematical game). Tired but really proud of their results the kids headed home to the beautiful temple in downtown Bangkok, but not before the whole group had a beautiful dinner in a neat street kitchen.
New day, new games. Also on the second day all the students gave all they could and the work paied off:
Ake got 8th and Best 11th place in Sodoku, Beer was under the best 20 in the A-Math and Plume was better than 60% of the competitors her age.
If you consider, that 4000 people took part at this international competition, the results were really outstanding.
On Saturday evening their teacher for the last two months, Khun Wee, was very proud of his clever students. Tired but happy the group made their way back to Pattaya after dinner on Sunday.