Visit of His Excellency the Ambassador of Austria Mr. Drofenik and his wife

Upon their arrival, His Excellency and his team were welcomed by Khun Toy and all the children, waving Thai and Austrian flags. Afterwards they got a quick tour through the Drop-In Center, getting the chance to see the new computer room, the sleeping rooms and the offices and conference room.
Later the children performed a show, containing dance as well as singing, to His Excellency the Ambassador, his wife and team. With a charming speech His Excellency Mr. Drofenik thanked the children for their show and promised continuing support towards the work of Human Help Network Foundation Thailand for and around the children and families living in construction camps in and around Pattaya.
In the name of the whole staff, Khun Toy spoke out a big Thank You for the huge and magnificent support of the Austrian Embassy. Without the Austrian support Human Help Network Foundation Thailand would have never been able to even dream about finishing the project in this short time and beautiful way.
The Austrian Congregation didn´t leave, before handing each of the children a christmas present and a big donation to Khun Toy.
Dear Mr. Ambassador and wife, thank you again for your visit, presents and specially your continuous support. With your help you give the children a protected childhood and the chance of a better future.