Celebrating Songkran with our children

On Thursday, the 13th of April, the celebrations started at the ASEAN Education Center with a small but lovely ceremony. We did not want the migrant children to miss this particular tradition of Songkran. Therefore, they had the chance to participate in the ceremonies as well as in the big water fights which are typical for the New Year celebrations all over Thailand. During the ceremony, the children were pouring water on a Buddha statue as well as over the palms of the elders’ hands as a special way to show respect and to wash away all sins and bad luck.
Additionally, some of the children received special prices for the beautiful Songkran pictures which they were drawing the week before.  After the ceremony the children played around, splashed water on each other and used the center as an arena for big water fights.
However, after the first day of the Thai New Year the celebrations were nowhere near an end.
On Friday, the CPDC children were invited to join a formal celebration at the Diana Garden Resort. Organized by the YWCA, several honoured guests as well as three Buddhist monks were welcomed at the resort to celebrate the Thai New Year. After greeting each guest individually, the organisers offered flowers and presents to the monks and to the special guests before everybody had the chance to pay homage to the assembled honoured guests. Again, the children were paying respect to the elderly by pouring water over their hands and receiving good wishes in return. At the end of the day, everybody got a blessed pendant by the Buddhist abbot. Before the children returned to the CPDC they had the opportunity to enjoy a small but delicious dinner at the resort.
On Saturday, the children celebrated the Thai New Year and Family Day at the CPDC. Dressed up in beautiful traditional Thai dresses and floral shirts the children payed respect to the elderly and teachers before they started a big water fight all over the area.
On Easter Sunday, the children at Pattaya Orphanage were celebrating the Thai New Year in a slightly belated celebration. After the ceremony, the children, the teachers and some German adoption families enjoyed a delicious barbecue for dinner. Later during the evening, some of the children received special awards for their excellent academic achievements during the last year.
We want to thank everyone who helped and contributed to make these special days happen. The children as well as everybody else enjoyed the various ceremonies and celebrations in our different projects.
Happy Thai New Year to everyone!