Easter Celebration at the CPDC

The great event started with Khun Toy and Khun Noi greeting the guests and explaining the children the rules for the `Eggs Hunt`. Nobody could stop our Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) children as well as 30 students from the Drop-In center, once Khun Noi said the Countdown: `3,2,1,Go`.
It didn´t take long and every child had found one bag full of delicious sweets. Every one of our children also got the chance to pull a lucky draw and gratefully received beautiful presents and toys.
Afterwards the amazingly prepared buffet was opened and the cheerful celebration slowly found an end.
Thanks to Khun Elfi, Mr. Brauer and all the German speaking benefactors for the kind organisation and the sponsoring of the ´Eggs Hunt´. The Easter Event brought a lot of joy and laughter to our children.