Celebrating Her Majesty’s Birthday and Mother’s Day

During the third week of August staff and children of both Drop-In Centre and CPDC paid homage to her Majesty Queen Sirikit and showed appreciation for their mothers on Mother’s Day.

On August 10th the children of the Drop-In Centre celebrated Queen Sirikit’s 87th birthday. They honoured her Majesty’s contributions to the nation by lighting candles for her and send their best wishes.

Since Mother’s Day was on August 12th the children of the Drop-In Centre also wrote Mother’s Day cards for their moms at home and composed poems for them. They got very creative in making cards by using many different colours and gluing flower petals onto the cards to design their own little masterpieces.

The celebration at the Drop-In Centre was attended by Khun Brigitte and her husband who joined the children in their activities. Additionally, the couple presented them with toys and clothing. HHNFT is very grateful for their generous gifts and for the time they spend with the children on this day.

Meanwhile, on August 12th the children in the CPDC also honoured her Majesty Queen Sirikit by having a ceremony for her birthday. Like the children in the Drop-In Centre they also lit candles and wished her Majesty a happy birthday.

HHNFT would like to show respect to her Majesty Queen Sirikit, as well as thank the generous sponsors and wish all mothers a happy belated Mother’s Day.