SINGHA Corporation Holds Charity Event at CPDC

On Saturday, August 31st, 210 employees of the SINGHA Corporation visited the Child Protection and Development Center.

As part of the corporate social responsibility campaign “Pan Yim – Im Rak” (Share with a Smile – Full of Love) the SINGHA Corporation donated 50,000 THB to HHNFT, as well as various other donations like snacks, drinks and household items. The Sales Manager Mr. Suchin Phukronghin held a speech honoring HHNFT for helping disadvantaged children. In addition, there were several performances by the children of the CPDC and the Drop-In Center for our generous guests. These included the song “I Am But A Small Voice” sung by the migrant children of the Drop-In Center and a Country dance performance by some of the girls living in the CPDC.

The staff and the children of HHNFT would like to express their gratitude towards the SINGHA Corporation and their employees for this amazing event and their kind donations. We admire their devotion to underprivileged children and their great campaign “Pan Yim – Im Rak” (Share with a Smile – Full of Love).