Regent’s School visits CPDC

With great interest they enjoyed the tour through the CPDC, getting a chance to see the girl’s and boy’s dormitories, the Nursing Unit and the school and canteen, which are to be opened in the near future, as well as examining the new sports court and the pig farm, fish pond and vegetable farm.
The CPDC’s children were delighted to receive generous gifts from Regent’s School, including school material and toys.
They already affirmed their intention, to get further engaged in the CPDC by planting a mushroom farm in October, which is truly a great gift to the children at CPDC. We are very much looking forward to welcoming them at CPDC again for that occasion.
We want to give our thanks and best wishes to the pupils and teaching personal of Pattaya’s Regent’s School for their interest and great commitment for the CPDC.