A Playful Morning with the US Navy

Our guests arrived in the bright and early morning, yet were in a very good mood and ready to play with our children. The group from the US Navy let our children decide what they wanted to play. Our children divided up quickly into groups according to their favorite games.
In this way, our guests joined the groups playing football, volleyball, basketball and Frisbee.
The sports area was crowed and the air was filled with laughter, thus it was a very cheerful atmosphere. From time to time the children could simply change their group to meet others and to join playing another game.
Later on, we all gathered together for some games in the big group. Our guests had prepared a couple of games such as folding a newspaper again and again until only one team can keep standing on it anymore. Another fun game was “duck, duck, goose” in which everyone was sitting on the ground forming a big circle. Then one person walked around the circle and pointed at others saying “duck, duck, duck…” until he said “goose”. The one he pointed at while saying this had to try to catch the first person before he could find a place to sit in the circle otherwise the new person had to start with “duck, duck, goose”.
Playing so many hours had made everyone very hungry so that our guests loved to join lunch at CPDC. In fact, they had even prepared a little surprise for our children for lunch time. The group of the US Navy divided up onto the different tables in the Dining Hall to be able to present the children a special kind of food. They had brought some bags of the food which they eat during work in the field. Every bag contained different meals including powder for orange juice, crackers, mixed fruits and e.g. sausages.
The children their caught by surprise especially when they realized that this food was actually quite tasty. Full and happy our children were overjoyed, however it was time to say goodbye.
We would like to thank the group of the US Navy for visiting the CPDC, for playing so nicely with our children and for having such an interesting surprise in store for our children. Surely, they will remember this special lunch and are looking forward to the US Navy’s next visit.