Moral values given to teenager

At the beginning of the seminar at the hall of the Diana Garden Resort, Khun Toy, Khun Sopin, who is the director of the Diana Garden Resort and the Team of the MTU wanted welcome and introduce Aralphin Raksaphin to all of the guests.
We all know that the teenage years can be the greatest, but also the hardest ones. It is the first stage becoming a man or a woman which means that lots of things will change. You fall in love for the first time, have to decide which way of education you will go, or start to compare with other teenagers.
Coach Best tried to explain to them that is not always important to be the prettiest, best or most successful. The most important thing is to love yourself, because if you learn to love yourself you will be able to give love to others.
Another important topic Coach Best talked about was that the teenagers should be thankful for things they have in their lives and the persons who make this possible. She compared their life standards with the life standards of Africa and showed a movie which made clear, that it is not obviously to have a comfortable bed, enough to eat or clean drinking water. It should be an honor for them. The Coach also told them about following the morals and rules which were given to them by their parents or their main contact persons in the Orphanage or CPDC for example. When there will be a time when the teenagers forget about the given morals, they should always remember their Majesty the King. It is one of their exercises to follow their Majesty the King and express love to him while following his given morals.
What Coach Best also brought close to them, was that they should know, that they are never alone. It is always better and easier to have someone they can count on and helps them with every problem, no matter how hard it is. Even in the hardest times, they have to know, that someone will be there for them. The key to solve the problem is the open communication about everything.
At the end of the deep hearted and awesome speech, Coach Best told them to close their eyes for a minute. The reason why she wanted them to do it, was to reflect the love for their mothers or their surrogate mother. She asked them to think about how much they give, and how strong they love each of them. This moment was the most heart- touching moment of the whole speech, because lots of the teenagers and also the adults got wet eyes. Coach Best added that crying is the loveliest sign which shows love and honor. It is really amazing what words can do to people and how deep they can go. This speech showed that the audience loved it and took it very serious.
After the useful and affecting seminar, it was time for lunch and the children, teenagers and adults sat together and enjoyed the delicious food. After the seminar they were very thankful about having good food, good drinks and most of all having each other. Furthermore we want to thank Aralphin Raksapo for helping the children and teenagers to be powerful and thankful for everything they have in their lives and the Diana Garden Hotel for making this seminar possible.